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JinJafo USB Multi Car Charger, 5V5A car charger, 4 ports USB Car Charger, Fast Charger for Android, Iphone and more, Fast and Energy saver charger, MultiPort USB Car Charger, USB Car Charger Black

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* High power USB port type * 1 2.1A and 3 1.1A USB charging interface, can be used for any mobile phone and tablet computer charging needs. * Multi-USB interface to facilitate home travel on the phone lights and other electronic equipment charging. * Small and Lightweight, easy to carry. * Enjoy full use of them during car trips h working efficiency: over 98%, good charging performance * Built-in safety charging system protects your devices against the back-flow current, short-circuit, overheating, over-charging. * Power, Beautiful appearance, Safe, and energy saver, easy to use. When the load is short-circuited, automatically stops the output voltage for protection., When the short circuit is released, it automatically returns to normal Operating temperature